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Fall 2014 Issue

MST Experts & Network Partner Directors Get Revitalized at Annual Conference


Say Hello to our Chilean Network Partners at #MSTNPC14 Pictured bottom (left to right): Dario Mellado, NP Director; Brenda Szumski, VP MST Services; Veronica Villablanca, Expert; Jennifer Vinces-Cua, Expert, MST Services; Kellie Allison, Bilingual Coach, MST Services; Top (left to right): Gianfranco Acuña, Expert; Dr. Scott Henggeler, MST Model Developer; Keller Strother, CEO, MST Services 

Attendees of the 13th annual Network Partner Conference, held Oct. 22 to 24 in Charleston, S.C., came away from the event with renewed energy, updates on research and a more discerning appreciation of the word, “evidence-based.”

“It’s like being at a really great concert where you can feel the music and everything vibrating around you,” said Bernie Centeio of MST Services, during a break between workshops. “It’s exciting and invigorating to be around a great group of clinical and program experts who are making great change in our communities.”

Designed for staff currently working for MST Services and with MST Network Partners, the conference included an opening plenary from Del Elliott, founding director of Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development, who presented “The Future of Blueprints and Prevention Science.”

“It’s always an amazing experience and I come away refueled, reinvigorated,replenished,” said Maria Picone of Catholic Charities of Buffalo. “It’s like visiting the mother ship. It’s an excellent opportunity to network with people who are fighting the same good fight.” The opportunity to meet and share successes and struggles is a major highlight, says Bernadette Christensen, director of the MST Network Partnership in Norway. “It’s a meeting place, a time to hear how others have solved challenges similar to the ones we face.

Elliott’s keynote presentation resounded with attendees, who felt he was “inspiring us toward excellence and reminding us how important the fidelity of the evidence-based model is,” noted Centeio. “He hammered home the point about what an evidence-based program is, crystalized the concept and made it easy to digest,” said Picone. “That’s helpful for conversations at home with stakeholders, because it puts the results of our work in a simple language that people can get.”

Learning how to communicate with key community stakeholders was paramount for Sherry Albert of Community Solutions, Inc. “I gained substantive information that I can use in a convincing way, data that supports what we’re doing,” she said. “That’s an invaluable resource to bring back to my community. Del pointed out the difference between using the buzz word and having a real understanding of what an evidence-based model is,” she explained. “He taught it in a way any layman could understand. In our work, we have to be able to present data and facts. People in social service often have strong opinions, so it’s crucial to be able to show and use facts to demonstrate why these practices are so important.”

Attendees welcomed the opportunity to build lasting relationships with peers. “We’re able to talk about challenging subjects, to learn about the experience of others and delve into those subjects in a really safe way,” said Albert.That sharing and group support is invaluable to Tina Schleicher from Children’s Village, New York City. “As a consultant, I don’t always have access to people who are doing the same thing,” she said. “I rely on this conference to provide the team experience.” 

She comes to the conference each year expecting refreshers on the latest research. “It’s here that I learn the future direction of MST and get updated on new populations, new research. It’s easy to forget how big the MST community is and how much we’re accomplishing. This gathering puts it into perspective.” “We’re all carrying the same important message forward,” said Centeio. “This conference builds on that bond.” “You get to reboot,” agreed Schleicher. “You get excited again about the work you’re doing.”

Celebrating 10 Years as a Network Partner

JPHSA-10 year awards at 2014 NPC

MST Services was proud to acknowledge two specific Network Partners during the recent Network Partner Conference in October.

Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority and Community Solutions, Inc. both celebrated ten years of being Network Partners.

These organizations were applauded for their commitment to making sure that the MST treatment model is followed with integrity and without variation so that the best outcomes are realized.

They also play an important role in shaping research on treatment effectiveness, transportability and dissemination.

CSI - 10 yr award at 2014 NPC

The two 10-Year Network Partner organizations for 2014 are both pictured here with Scott Henggeler, who presented the awards.

Pictured top is Christine Bonura from Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority (JPHSA).

Pictured bottom is (in order from left to right) Vonetta Lambert, Sherry Albert and Sedgrid Lewis from Community Solutions, Inc. (CSI).



Training Workshops & Opportunities to Share are Highlights of IC 2015

MSTICWorkshops to improve clinical skills and program implementation, plus new training enhancements are some of the key benefits offered at the upcoming MST International Conference, which will be held in North Charleston, South Carolina, on April 21-22, 2015.

Training for the practice community, opportunities for sharing and learning, a chance to network and general information for those still learning about the model are highlights of the April event. There will be a variety of workshops aimed at improving program staff clinical skills and program implementation. 

“This year, we’ll be using the conference to introduce new content and a number of new trainings, so those who attend will have the opportunity to participate in the ongoing evolution of the MST model,” says organizer Lisa Reiter, MST Services clinical director and executive vice president.

“A specific track as well as a pre-conference day set this year’s event apart, says organizer Bernie Centeio of MST Services. For Network Partner staff, the conference will follow important updates to the five-day orientation training specifically about substance abuse and the availability of Contingency Management training, which are important and new parts of the package.

“We'll have a track for training the MST experts on additional tools teams can use to address substance abuse in youth. After they’re fully trained, they’ll start sharing these tools with their teams, based on what will best match the needs of the teams and their community context,” says Centeio. “The International Conference is an important step in the process of rolling out these tools.”

“This is an opportunity and venue for us to provide intensive training for Network Partner staff to help them meet their community needs,” she says.

The pre-conference day provides training in contingency management, and “workshops for Network Partner staff during the conference will help Network Partners work with programs to enhance their skills in the treatment of problematic substance use,” Centeio says.

“It’s always an exciting time to interact with people implementing MST across the world at every level,” she continues. The objectives and full details of the 2015 MST International Conference can be found on the MST Services website, where registration and hotel reservation information will also be posted, when it becomes available.

 Announcements from MST Services and the MST Institute

Featured MST-related Article

In a recent Network Partner call, Scott Henggeler, Ph.D. presented on "The effectiveness of Multisystemic Therapy (MST): A meta-analysis," an article found in the Clinical Psychology Review in August of 2014. Download the full presentation to learn more about the study, its methods and results.

Contribute to the New MST Services Blog

MST Services has been working to build an active and informative blog on the MST Services website. The aim of the blog is to be a diverse resource for all roles within the MST community. If you are interested in becoming a contributing blogger, please email Lori Cohen.

 New MST Publications

The following MST-related published articles are now available:

  • 1100 van der Stouwe, T., Asscher, J. J., Stams, G. J. J. M., Dekovic, M., van der Laan, P. H. (2014, June 16). The effectiveness of Multisystemic Therapy (MST): A meta-analysis. Clinical Psychology Review, 34 (2014), pp. 468-481.
  • 466 Tiernan, K., Foster, S. L., Cunningham, P. B., Brennan, P., & Whitmore, E. (2014, May 26). Predicting Early Positive Change in Multisystemic Therapy With Youth Exhibiting Antisocial Behaviors. Psychotherapy. Advance online publication.

To request an MST-related publication, send an e-mail with the publication number in the subject line to

Welcome New MST Teams - Third Quarter 2014

Date Organization Team Name Team State Team Country MST Treatment Type
7/28/14 Maine Behavioral Healthcare Westbrook ME USA MST
8/4/14 Chile Ministry of Interior Conchali 1   CHILE MST
8/4/14 Chile Ministry of Interior San Ramon 1   CHILE MST
8/4/14 Chile Ministry of Interior El Bosque 1   CHILE MST
8/4/14 Chile Ministry of Interior San Joaquin 1   CHILE MST
8/26/14 Children's Village FIT ACS NSP 1 NY USA MST-FIT
8/26/14 Children's Village FIT ACS NSP 2 NY USA MST-FIT
8/27/14 Family Centered Services of CT MST BSF New Haven CT USA BSF
9/2/14 Wheeler Clinic MST BSF Hartford CT USA BSF
9/2/14 Wellmore Behavioral Health MST-BSF Waterbury CT USA BSF
9/17/14 Extern Organization Belfast 2   UK MST
9/17/14 KJPK Basel MST-CAN Basel   CH MST-CAN
9/25/14 Haire Enterprises Inc C Rep 3 NC USA MST


Whatever It Takes Award Winners - Third Quarter 2014

Name Organization Country
Zenaida Martinez Department of Children Youth and Families USA
James Hill Portsmouth City Council UK
Lauri Hammond South Carolina Department of Mental Health USA
Geena Jacobsson MST Sweden Sweden
Sue Dee MST Services USA
Andrew Mersman (Miller) Netsmart USA
Bernie Centeio MST Services USA
Kristen Dodd MSTI USA
Ellen Shifko MST Services USA
Anne Dailey MST Services USA
Tara Mitchell Social Care UK
Alyssa Hatch Catholic Charities USA
Rebekah Hazekamp Children's Village USA
Tides MST Team Tides Family Services USA
Dulce Encinas Touchstone Behavioral Health USA
Ebony Wilridge Life Changing Solutions, LLC USA
Mya Walsh Life Changing Solutions, LLC USA
Heather Wilsdon Touchstone Behavioral Health USA
Heather Wilson Kinark Child and Family Services Canada
Kurante' Best Johari Family Services LLC USA
Rebecca Moreno Shields for Families - Team 2 USA
Lucia Contreras Shields for Families - LA County USA
Paula Nilsson Örnsköldsvik Sweden Sweden
Eve Stoller New York Foundling USA


WIT All Star Winners - Third Quarter
Category Winner Organization State Country
Champion James Hill Portsmouth City Council   UK
Expert Geena Jacobsson MST Sweden   Sweden
Supervisor Rebekah Hazekamp Children's Village    
Team Tides MST Team (Jessica C, Amanda S, Jimmy V, Rachel Y) Tides Family Services NY USA
Therapist Heather Wilsdon Touchstone Behavioral Health AZ USA
Other Tara Mitchell Social Care   UK


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