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What is an Evidence-Based Treatment?

Evidence-based treatments have been systematically proven to work in experiments with real people and to work better than alternatives. MST is evidence based and has been shown in rigorous, scientific, gold-standard tests to be superior to other interventions for adolescents exhibiting severe anti-social and criminal behavior. The importance of having a clinical treatment undergo such testing might not, at first glance, seem that crucial. However, it is just as important as the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approving the drugs you take.

Think about it. When you have a pounding headache, you might reach for Advil, Excedrin or aspirin.

Each drug has been developed and proven to help get rid of a headache and has been shown to be more effective than doing nothing. For a new drug to be used as a treatment, it must establish a track record in clinical trials and be vetted as “safe and effective” by the independent FDA.

MST used the same rigor to develop and test its mental-health treatments that a drug company uses. Unquestionably, MST is based on scientific trials and methodology, and there are independent organizations
that have verified MST as an evidence-based treatment.

Organizations such as:

View a complete list of endorsing organizations

Evidence-based practices are not cookie-cutter approaches to treatment. On the contrary, they are actually more tailored to the problems of the youth and family than “generic” counseling. And the positive outcomes are backed up by study results, those paying for the services, whether organizations or taxpayers, know they will get value for their money.

That’s what evidence based is all about:

  • Develop
  • Scientifically Prove
  • Implement

When it comes to treating chronic and violent juvenile offenders, MST is one of the few treatments that has the evidence to verify the claim.