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breaking the cycle of criminal behavior michigan case study

michigan case study2009 outcomes

  • Midland County saved almost $2 million with MST
  • Average saving per youth served was $198,216
  • Healthier families and reduced recidivism reported

In 2008, the court received a grant from the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation in the amount of $675,000 over a five year period to implement this concentrated, evidence-based, therapeutic program. MST is an intensive family-and community-based treatment that addresses the multiple influences that contribute to serious antisocial or illegal behavior in youth. To achieve success, interventions are generally necessary within and between a combination of these systems.

The court is fortunate to have been given permission to add the MST adaptation for the benefit of the adjudicated juvenile sex offenders. Under the MST model, the adaptation is called MST-PSB.

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