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New Mexico Success Story

nm successNew Mexico conducted a nine-year study on the effects of MST interventions in terms of money and the juveniles in the program. The study revealed “striking outcomes” for MST-treated offenders. Savings amounted to almost $12 million in Medicaid-covered claims in the two years after 1,819 youth completed the program.

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The Study: Youth Receiving MST from July 2005 to June 30, 2014

  • Data on 4,016 delinquent young people analyzed, covering admission to six and 12 months after discharge
  • Medicaid-covered behavioral health claims examined

The Findings

There were great improvements in how the youth and families functioned. Parenting skills and family relationships were better. The juveniles were doing better in school or at work. They were socializing with peers who weren’t likely to get them into trouble. Networks and supports were strengthened.

On top of that, New Mexico saw a considerable reduction in its Medicaid payments. Medicaid charges per month dropped from $1,901,658 before MST to $763,124 after treatment completion.