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“In The Loop” is a quarterly newsletter for MST professionals. The current issue is shown below.
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Winter 2013/2014 Issue

2014 Blueprints Conference
Promoting Evidence-Based Programs

Blueprints MainStory

This month in Denver, Colorado, hundreds of developers and practitioners of evidence-based programs will gather together to attend the bi-annual Blueprints Conference. This conference sets a foundation for future collaboration among those interested in the promotion of evidence-based programs.

Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development, the event host, identifies programs in the areas of violence, delinquency, substance use, academic success, physical and mental health, emotional well-being, and positive relationships. This conference is used to provide guidance and tools to help participants identify programs that meet the highest scientific standard of effectiveness and successfully implement these programs in their own communities.

Public systems and schools spend millions of dollars each year to address problems that prevent children and youth from reaching their full potential, but often do not see the results they hope to achieve. While research has identified ways to help children avoid risks, public systems and schools do not always know which programs and services to choose or how to fund them.

“Now is the time for state and local agencies to invest taxpayer dollars into programs that work for our young people; programs that are backed by years of research and positive outcomes,” says Delbert Elliott, a conference keynote speaker and the Founding Director of the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence, University of Colorado Boulder.

Other keynote speakers include various government and organization leaders, such as Robert L. Listenbee, Administrator of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). Breakout sessions and exhibit spaces allow for maximum networking and time to learn from peers.

This year’s conference will also include an exclusive screening of the critically acclaimed Kids for Cash documentary. This film chronicles the stories of the children, families and judges in the notorious Luzerne County, Pennsylvania scandal of the same name, and is an eye-opening account of the long-term impact our current policies are having on youth. Kids for Cash provides a powerful endorsement of the work to make effective Blueprint Model and Promising Programs accessible to more families and is a clear illustration of the need for early intervention.

MST Services is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor for the 2014 Blueprints Conference and looks forward to seeing many of you in Denver. For those not able to join, we hope you will join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter and look for updates and photos.

 MST Services Announces New Process for Whatever It Takes (WIT) Awards

Many of you have submitted nominations for Whatever It Takes (WIT) Awards. Many of you have been the recipients of these awards. Thanks to you. We receive many nominations. All recognizing the important work you do to help families in your communities each year.

LauraAndBetsy WITStory

Members of the new MST team in Northamptonshire, UK

Due to the increased number of nominations, we are making a slight change to how the awards are selected and acknowledged.

The initiation of the award process will remain the same – if you wish to nominate someone for an award, you can do so online. Each nomination will be vetted, with winners receiving a letter /certificate and having their names listed in our quarterly newsletter (In The Loop). This is the process we have used in the past – and this is not changing.

What WILL be different is that we will now be selecting a quarterly ‘All-Star’ from each category, and listing those persons separately. The All-Star in each category will receive a special award – acknowledging this achievement. This list of All-Stars will be listed In The Loop as well.

At the end of each year, the Annual WIT award winners will be selected from the list of All-Stars in each category, and announced In The Loop. In addition, these winners will receive a special award, and be recognized at the International MST Conference (in years when a conference is held).

In an effort to begin this process, we have listed below the WIT Award winners for 2013, the All-Stars for each quarter, and the Annual WIT award winners.

Thank you again for making our WIT award program such a success. Please continue nominating staff, champions and stakeholders for recognition.

 Fourth Quarter 2013 - Whatever It Takes Award Winners

Category Nominee's Name
Champion Captain Jacques Gilbert Apex Police Department, North Carolina
Champion Norma Maray Municipio de Penalolen
Champion Viviana Palma Municipio de Penalolen
Champion Judi Gewand BOCES
Expert Jamie Bunch MSTS
Expert William (Bill) Crockett The Center for Effective Interventions
Expert Greg Melendez MST Services, Inc.
Expert Betsy Clipper MST Services, Inc.
Expert Kevin Brown MST Services, Inc.
Other Clare Lean Portsmouth MST
Other Fabiana Castro Brahm Chile Interior Ministry, SPD Supervisor
Other Toni Franklin MST Services, Inc.
Program Director Staci Sottile Adelphoi Village
Supervisor Delivian Davis Henry and Rilla White Foundation
Supervisor Veronica Villablanca Chile Interior Ministry Recoleta Team
Supervisor Viviana Garcia Chile Interior Ministry, Team La Florida
Team Team Pudahuel Chile Interior Ministry
Team FSU Minden 1 Team,
Supervisor Chelette Holden
Family Services Unlimited
Therapist Dan Iachini Adelphoi Village-Adams/Cumberland
Therapist Dan Iachini Adelphoi Village-Adams/Cumberland
Therapist  Andrea Peters CAHM MST Portsmouth
Therapist  Melissa Watts Portsmouth MST
Therapist  Christina Giammarco Nationwide Children's Hospital
Therapist  Melissa Ramirez The New York Foundling
Therapist  Cory Robbins New York Foundling/ KEYS PROGRAM
Therapist  Hector Juarez Chile Interior Ministry La Granja Team
Therapist  Gabriela Ubilla Chile Interior Ministry Valparaiso Team
Therapist  Pamela Muller Chile Interior Ministry, Team Los Angeles
Therapist  Christina Hoffmann, LMSW Integro
Therapist  Sherry Daftari River Oak Center for Children
Therapist  Patti Hyde The Henry & Rilla White Youth Foundation, Inc.
Therapist  Desiree Polanish Children's Village
Therapist  Nicole White SCDMH - Greenville

2013 Quarterly WIT All Star Winners

First Quarter
Quarterly WIT Winners  Category Team Name Nominee/Winner
Champion Tom Jefford Cambridgeshire County Council
Expert Kevin Brown MST Services
Supervisor Andra Hildebrand Adelphoi Village
Therapist Tracy Harley Fife Council
Other Wendy Jenkins Jewish Adoption and Foster Care Options (JAFCO)
Second Quarter    
Champion Siobhan Roberts Cockburn School
Expert Melina Napoli EBS
Therapist Magnus Ekenstedt Stockholm Järva Team
Other Nancy Lyons MST Services
Third Quarter    
Champion Amy Good Cuyahoga County Juvenile Probation
Expert Richard Aucoin MST Services
Supervisor Dr. Tina Goodson Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Trust
Team YOS FIT Youth Outreach Services
Therapist Ericka Pinckney Hempfield Behavioral Health
Other Joanne Penman MST Services
Program Director Dr. Susan Ofstein Institutue for Child and Family Health
Fourth Quarter    
Champion Captain Jacques Gilbert Apex Police Department, North Carolina
Expert Bill Crockett The Center for Effective Interventions
Supervisor Delivian Davis The Henry & Rilla White Youth Foundation
Team Equipo MST de Pudahuel

Subsecretaría de Prevención del
Delito Ministerio del Interior y Seguridad Pública

Therapist Patti Hyde The Henry & Rilla White Youth Foundation
Other Clare Lean Solent NHS Trust
Program Director Staci Sottile Adelphoi Village

Update from MST Leicester Team in UK


World media attention surrounding the archaeological dig of King Richard III's remains isn't slowing down the MST Leicester Team in the UK. Whitin their first year on the ground this team has learned the MST "ropes", recruited and retained their successful team, and are experiencing positive outcomes with their families.

Read the full update from Sarah Whittle, and watch their first video case study.

Announcements from MST Services and the MST Institute

New TAM-R Translations Posted
New Therapist Adherence Measure - Revised (TAM-R) translations for Greek, Romanian and Somalian are now available for download on the MST Institute website.

Contribute to the New MST Services Blog
The staff at MST Services has been working to build an active and informative blog on the MST Services website. The aim of the blog is to be a diverse resource for all roles within the MST community. If you are interested in becoming a contributing blogger, please email Lori Cohen.

"Implementation: Research on Tools; Research as Tool"
In a recent Network Partner call, Melissa Rowland, M.D., presented "An Independent Randomized Clinical Trial of Multisystemic Therapy with Non-Court-Referred Adolescents with Serious Conduct Problems", covering a trial conducted by Bahr Weiss and others at Vanderbilt University. Download the full presentation.

New Publications

455 Ryan, S. R., Cunningham, P. B., Foster, S. L., Brennan, P. A., Brock, R. L., Whitmore, E. (2012). Predictors of therapist adherence and emotional bond in Multisystemic Therapy: Testing ethnicity as a moderator. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 22, 122-136.

456 MacDonell, K., Ellis, D., Naar-King, S., Adams, C., Adams, A., Cunningham, P. B. (2010). Predictors of home-based obesity treatment efficacy for African American youth. Children’s Health Care, 39, 1-14.

57 Schaeffer, C. M., Henggeler, S. W., Ford, J. D., Mann, M., Chang, R. C., Chapman, J. E. (2014). RCT of a promising vocational/employment program for high-risk juvenile offenders. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 46, 134-143.

458 Zajac, K., Sheidow, A. J., Davis, M. (2013). Transition age youth with mental health challenges in the juvenile justice system. Washington, DC: Technical Assistance Partnership for Child and Family Mental Health.

459 Schoenwald, S. K., Garland, A. F. (2013). A review of treatment adherence measurement methods. Psychological Assessment, 25(1), 146-156.

460 Garland, A., Schoenwald, S. K., (2013). Use of effective and efficient quality control methods to implement psychosocial interventions. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, 20(1), 33-43.

461 Schoenwald, S. K., Mehta, T. G., Frazier, S. L., Shernoff, E. S. (2013). Clinical supervision in effectiveness and implementation research. Clinical Psychology : Science and Practice, 20(1), 44-59.

462 Schaeffer, C. M., Swenson, C. C., Tuerk, E. H., Henggeler, S. W. (2013). Comprehensive treatment for co-occurring child maltreatment and parental substance abuse: Outcomes from a 24-month pilot study of the MST-Building Stronger Families program. Child Abuse and Neglect, 37(8), 596-607.

All existing MST-related publications can be located at the Family Services Research Center's website.

New Teams Fourth Quarter 2013

Organization Team
Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services  Team Brooklyn A  NY
Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services Team Brooklyn B NY
Child Center of New York  Teen Preventative Queens 1   NY
Child Center of New York  Teen Preventative Queens 2  NY
Community Solutions, Inc. – GA Macon-Warner                  GA
Turquoise Health and Wellness                  Portales  NM
Turquoise Health and Wellness                  Roswell  NM
University Behavioral Associates MMC  UBA Bronx 1 NY
University Behavioral Associates MMC  UBA Bronx 2 NY
Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services Bronx 1 MST CAN  NY
Nottingham City MST  MST Nottingham City UK
The New York Foundling  Queens 2  NY

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