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Are you interested in becoming a provider of MST?

To begin an MST program requires the same steps that it takes to start any new business. You need to first determine if there is a need for such a service in your community. And if there is, are funds available to support a program?

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Here are three key questions to consider:

  1. Is there an effort in your community to improve services for serious juvenile offenders by providing services in the community?
  2. Is there funding available for new services? It could be a grant, Medicaid funding or the willingness to reallocate existing funds.
  3. Do you already provide other services to juveniles and their families?

If the answer is yes to all three questions, then you are ready for MST Services' complimentary needs assessment.

Email our MST program development team.

We will work with you to assure that MST programs are appropriately used, well developed and sustainable for the long term so that you achieve the best results possible.

Download a detailed description of the MST program design and implementation.