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What is Multisystemic Therapy?

Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is an intensive family- and community-based treatment program that focuses on addressing all environmental systems that impact chronic and violent juvenile offenders -- their homes and families, schools and teachers, neighborhoods and friends. MST recognizes that each system plays a critical role in a youth's world and each system requires attention when effective change is needed to improve the quality of life for youth and their families. MST works with the toughest offenders ages 12 through 17 who have a very long history of arrests. Learn more about MST.

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seattle jd center
For Seattle, Juvenile Justice Reform Includes Building a New Detention Center 
Juvenile justice reform in Seattle includes building a new jail. Though controversial, King County is committed to helping its most vulnerable children.   Read more.
albert mills poet laureate delaware
What a Difference MST Can Make: A Poem  
Through poetry,  MST therapist and Poet Laureate of Delaware, Albert Mills, helps a family express the difference MST made in their lives.  Read more.
new york raise the age gov cuomo
New York Raises the Age for Juvenile Defendants, All Eyes Turn to North Carolina
New York raises the age for when juvenile defendants are tried in adult court. That leaves North Carolina as the only state that charges 16-year-olds as adults, but maybe not for long. Read more.
chile video snip
The MST Chilean Program Director Featured on National TV 
Check out MST’s Chilean program director as she explains our model—in Spanish. Watch here.