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Our Philosophy

Our mission

First and foremost, MST Services is dedicated to helping communities, states and nations implement Multisystemic Therapy to improve the lives of youth with anti-social behavior and the lives of their families.

MST has been shown to:

  • decrease rates of antisocial behavior and other clinical problems
  • improve family relations and school performance
  • achieve these outcomes at a cost savings by reducing the use of out-of-home placements such as incarceration, residential treatment and hospitalization

It is estimated that 80 percent of youths sent to juvenile correctional facilities end up in adult prisons. MST strives to break this cycle by keeping juvenile offenders at home, in school and out of trouble.

Our vision

We believe that Evidenced-based Practices (EBP) such as MST should become the norm for treating juvenile offenders. We are working with many provider agencies to help them deliver MST. We have set up a network of partner organizations that are committed to the transport of the MST model with full integrity and fidelity. And we actively collaborate with other EBP-model developers and their transport organizations.

Our values

Improving the outcomes in treating juvenile offenders is our primary objective. Our core values guide all of our actions and decision-making. They are:

  • leadership
  • integrity
  • continual learning
  • open communication

By achieving our mission and upholding our values, MST Services strives to be a leader and advocate for effective change in child-serving systems.