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"In The Loop" is a quarterly newsletter for MST professionals. The current issue is shown below.
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Issue 1: 2017


As MST Services continues to grow and build more teams throughout the world, there are many moving parts and pieces, particularly when it comes to filling out paperwork.

In many organizations, MST therapists have had to fill out paperwork twice, once for their internal records and again for MST supervision and consultation. One MST provider, Community Solutions Inc. (CSI), was using an Electronic Health Record software program called myEvolv (developed by NetSmart), that was designed to support mental health organizations from beginning to end. It worked well, but there was one problem: the software wasn’t designed to work specifically with the MST model.

In May 2016, everything changed. A new software program completed development.

“A couple of years ago, we recognized we could strengthen our partnership with MST Services (MSTS) and CSI and develop more functionality to meet their specific needs,” said Andrew Mersman, general manager of Netsmart. “This type of change would completely revolutionize the way MST providers filed paperwork.”

The new partnership between CSI, Netsmart and MSTS helped take the MST model into the electronic world, giving MST therapists and clinical supervisors access to the weekly case summary and fit circles, which resulted in time and cost savings.

“We currently have more than 350 teams in the U.S., and of those teams, about 35 are currently using this software – or getting ready to use to it,” said Joe Boggs, a member of the MST Services team. “It has really helped make things easier for MST clinicians to follow the normal clinical problem solving on-screen.”

With the implementation of this Electronic Health Record, MST clinicians, supervisors and experts have been experiencing a smoother workflow without impacting fidelity. Plus, the program has real-time clinical management, billing and reporting functions built-in, so everything they need is in one place. Providers are able to see the full benefits of the MST model without having to complete a second set of paperwork – which means more time can be spent with families.

“The response has been extremely positive,” said Andrew. “Customers using this software have used words like ‘life-changing’ and ‘game-changer.’”

And it doesn’t just stop there. MSTS, CSI and Netsmart continue to meet on a monthly basis to discuss how the program is working and look for opportunities to improve and evolve the software further to help MST providers serve more families across the country. One such improvement will be the interface between the Electronic Health Record and MST Institute, so that MST clinicians will only enter family data in one location.

“We are so thankful for our partnership with CSI and Netsmart,” said Joe. “It is really because of them that the MST model is finally a part of the digital world.”




  • MST currently has 535 teams around the world (compared to 195 in Jan. 2004)

  • Did you know that MST served 6,800 families in December 2016?

  • Join us in welcoming the following new teams to MST!

    • SCO Family of Services in Brooklyn (SCO-Brooklyn Team B) - New York

    • Heilpadagogium Schellerhain (MST Mainz) - Germany

    • Lulea Kommun Oppenvard (Lulea) - Sweden

    • Community Counseling Agency (EBR Parish Team) - Louisiana

    • Family Services of NW PA (ErieCrawfordPSB1) - Pennsylvania




Congratulations to these staff members on their recent promotions!
  • Kellie Allison - Since 2005, Kellie has worked as a bilingual MST therapist, supervisor, expert and now MST coach. In this role, she provides training and clinical support to the Chilean experts.
  • Betsy Clipper - Since 2000, Betsy has worked as an MST therapist, supervisor, expert and MST-CAN expert. With the continued growth of the MST-CAN model, Betsy was promoted to an MST-CAN coach position.
  • Lori Moore - Since 1999, Lori has worked as an MST therapist, supervisor, expert and Manager of Network Partnerships. Recently promoted to Vice President, Lori will continue to support the Community Solutions Inc. and the UK Network Partnerships.
  • Kimberly Pascucci - For more than 18 years, Kimberly has held a variety of roles in MST including: supervisor, program manager and senior expert. She was recently promoted to Manager of Network Partnerships.
Welcome to these new staff members!
  • Josh Glade and Logan Greenspan have recently joined MST Services on the business side of our organization to help us grow the impact of MST around the world.




  • Molly Brunk has moved into the role of full-time director of MST Institute and Kristen Crigler has been promoted to MSTI operations manager. Kristen will now oversee the daily operations at MSTI which will allow Molly to focus her energy on the future direction and growth opportunities for MSTI, including promoting the use of data for program improvement and data-based decision making to ensure families and communities receive high-quality services.




Intheloop4.jpgDuring our last Network Partner call, Eric Bruns, Ph.D presented on "Research, Data and Evidence-Based Treatment Use in State Behavior Health Systems, 2001-2012." You can download the presentation slides to learn more.




Each quarter we recognize individuals, teams and MST friends who go above and beyond. Join us in congratulating our All-Star Winners and Whatever It Takes Winners for the fourth quarter of 2016.




MST International Conference - March 6-7, 2017 (Charleston, SC)

MST Five Day Orientation Trainings - March 20-24, April 10-14 & May 1-5, 2017 (Charleston, SC)

MST Supervisor Orientation Trainings - March 27-28, 2017 & May 18-19, 2017 (Charleston, SC)

Global Implementation Conference - June 20-21, 2017 (Toronto, CAN) - Conference Website

MST Advanced Supervisor Workshop - September 14-15, 2017 (Charleston, SC)

European MST Conference - May 24-25, 2018 (Sweden)




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To request an MST-related publication, send an e-mail with the publication number in the subject line to




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  • Update of the MST Adaptations Overview is also available here
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The release of a documentary, They Call Us Monsters, on teens facing life in prison.

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