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“In The Loop” is a quarterly newsletter for MST professionals. The current issue is shown below.
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Fall 2013 Issue

Building and Increasing Relationships Online

lori fnl MST Services is using its website and social media sites to increase conversations and engage more people to become interested in Multisystemic Therapy.

“It’s a great way to spread the word about the important work being done in the field by therapists, supervisors and their agencies,” says Lori Cohen, chief marketing officer. “We think MST Services can play a more active role in connecting practitioners online so we can all learn from each other. This approach also allows us to engage people, outside of MST, who are working to change the juvenile justice system.”

“Using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn on a regular basis is already successfully delivering content and “nurturing” visitors to the site,” says Cohen. “We’re also adding tools like Hubspot and Salesforce to promote new content we’re creating.”

Since evidence-based treatment models are currently used with just five percent of the eligible population, “We can’t assume people know what MST is,” says Cohen.

The goal is to grow that number, and the first step is awareness. “People have to know there are alternatives to locking up kids,” she says. “We’re putting these new marketing strategies in place to educate people about who we are and what we do. We’re using social media to reach out to others and personalize the information they receive based on who they are.”

MST is creating a “library” of free resources — including white papers, success stories, videos and other content — that visitors can download from the website.

“This is a resource for both MST Services and our network partners,” says Cohen. “They can post this content on their own sites, or send it out to their prospects. It’s there to be shared.”

With the effort to sustain and grow the number of MST teams around the world, Cohen says, “We’re making sure that anyone who is interested in changing their juvenile justice system – whether on a community, state, county or country-wide level — knows that Multisystemic Therapy is an option.”

 'Kids for Cash' Movie Hits home in Unexpected Ways
MST community impressed by motion picture

KidsForCash rev fnlRobert May's documentary, Kids for Cash, chronicles the horrifying juvenile court scandal involving two corrupt Pennsylvania judges. The film will make its debut in theaters in Feb. 2014, but reviews from private pre-screenings are coming in and the feedback has been tremendous. Anyone involved in the juvenile justice field will want to watch this film.

Keller Strother, president of MST Services had this to say about the documentary:

"A riveting portrayal of how punitive and damaging our current juvenile justice system is for America's children. Under the misguided belief that judges need to dole out 'punishment for every crime', the film documents what happens to teenagers ripped from their families and communities and placed in lockup only to surface several years later. The crime? Engaging in obnoxious teenage behavior, a phase that so many of our own kids pass through. The damage, however, to the kids in the film is certainly life-altering and all too often life-shattering. My European colleagues have called the American juvenile justice system "barbaric," in this case it is easy to see their point of view."

Jeremy Kohomban, president and CEO of The Children's Village in New York City shared his thoughts on the riveting film:

The movie hits home in an unexpected way. It was expected that the movie was about the 'Kids for Cash' case. I knew the case and was prepared for that. I think what the movie accomplishes very subtly but thoroughly is the message that our approach to teens is terribly flawed. The zero-tolerance standards, the incarceration rates, the long-term damage - that's a part of the story I did not expect to hear and it came through loud and clear. Loud and clear!

To learn more about the film and for updates on release dates, visit

 Third Quarter 2013 - Whatever It Takes Award Winners

Nominee Name Organization State or Country
Circuit 8 DJJ Team Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, Circuit 8 FL
Sergeant John Mallows South Yorkshire Police South Yorkshire United Kingdom
Dr. Cara Murphy and Ms. Jennifer Oh Department of Juvenile Justice/Illinois Youth Center-Chicago (IYC) IL
Tom Jefford Youth Support Services, Cambridgeshre County Council United Kingdom
Angelia Watson MST Services GA
Richard Aucoin MST Services SC
Geena Jacobsson MST Services Sweden
David O'Connor Leeds City Council West Yorkshire United Kingdom
Amy Good Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court OH
Ebony Green Metropolitan Circles, LLC LA
Amy Good Cuyahoga County Juvenile Probation OH
Brandon C. Strange, MD Nationwide Children's Hospital OH
Ebony Green Life Changing Solutions LA
Joanne Penman MST Services SC
Dr. Susan Ofstein Institutue for Child and Family Health FL
Erica Harry Community Solutions, Inc. GA
Dr Tina Goodson Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Trust Wirral United Kingdom
YOS FIT Youth Outreach Services, C/o Sarah Petzel IL
Hans Kuijt De Waag Location Amersfoort Amersfoort Netherlands
Traci Cox Henry and Rilla White Foundation FL
Megan Denis Easter Seals UCP NC
Colette Kell Wirral MST team in the United Kingdom Cheshire United Kingdom
Albert Mills Psychotherapeutic Services DE
LaQuista Carter Henry and Rilla White Foundation FL
Amanda Williams Metropolitan Circles, LLC LA
Ivana Ruiz Community Solutions, Inc. FL
Ericka Pinckney Hempfield Behavioral Health PA
Brandy Biglow Community Solutions, Inc. FL

Third Quarter 2013 – New MST Teams
We would also like to welcome the following new MST teams to the MST community.

Organization Team Name Location MST Type
Easter Seals UPC NC and VA New Bern Community NC MST
Sheffield City Council - Children &
Young People and Families
Action for Children South and West Essex UK MST
England Leeds City Council MST-CAN UK MST-CAN
Los Angeles County MST Long Beach Team CA MST
Wheeler Clinic CSSD Program WC Waterbury 1 CT MST
Wheeler Clinic CSSD Program WC Waterbury 2 CT MST
Paces, Inc. Kansas City 1 KS MST
The Guidance Center MST Guidance Center Team 1 MI MST
NAFI CSSD Willimantic 2 CT MST
Children's Aid Society CAS MST CAN Manhattan NY MST-CAN
Community Options for Families and Youth Walnut Creek 1 CA MST
Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services Teen SI 1 NY MST
Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services MST CAN SI NY MST-CAN

Announcements from MST Services and the MST Institute

MSTI Call Center Achieves More Than 80 Percent of TAMs - The MSTI call center continually strives to support MST teams in their Quality Assurance objectives. Staffed by the Pioneer Marketing Research team, the call center was able to achieve more than 80 percent of the therapist adherence measures in September.

Due to this team’s commitment to excellence and the software they developed to allow the visually impaired and blind to work the call center, Pioneer was acknowledged as Employer of the Year by the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency. MST Services and the MST Institute are proud to partner with this organization that shares a vision of empowerment and proven results.

"Implementation: Research on Tools; Research as Tool" - In a recent Network Partner call, Sonja Schoenwald, Ph.D., presented on what research tells us about implementation strategies as well as what we can do to increase the impact of research in implementation. Download the full presentation.

New Publications
There are no new MST-related published articles for this quarter.

All existing MST-related publications can be located at the Family Services Research Center's website.

 Regular Reminders

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