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“In The Loop” is a quarterly newsletter for MST professionals. The current issue is shown below.
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Winter 2013 Issue


U.K. Expands to 25+ Sites, Becomes Network Partner

MST Northamptonshire UK
Members of the new MST team in Northamptonshire, UK

With 25 Multisystemic Therapy sites across England, three in Scotland and three in Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom has expanded rapidly over the last few years.

In 2001, when a group in London and another in Cambridge secured local funding to start the first MST teams, leaders within the country’s government kept a keen eye on their progress. In 2007, buoyed by the local trailblazers’ success, the national Department for Education and Department of Health funded 10 additional teams.

“The financial climate has been very difficult here, as in the U.S., but it’s meant focused interest on achieving better value for the money, so it’s actually helped us rather than being a problem,” says Cathy James, program lead in the Department of Health in London and a key force behind the U.K. launch of the MST site programs.

Part of the funding agreement for the 10 teams included mandatory participation in a national research trial that would eventually include 700 families. “We wanted to test the evidence here in the U.K., because although the evidence is great in the U.S., we differ in infrastructure and other areas,” says James. More than 12 additional teams have come onboard since 2007.

MST MidLandsTeam

The Midlands MST teams (Leicester, Coventry and   Birmingham) at booster in January


Due to be published in 2014, the results of the nationwide trial will coincide with the U.K.’s hosting of the second MST European Conference in London. "The timing is perfect," says James. “We’ve seen what the teams are achieving, so we’re looking forward to presenting the results at the conference.” A smaller, single-site study, published in 2011, and the first MST trial in the country, provided valuable, positive outcomes, “particularly in the changes young people made and are continuing to make over time,” says James. “The larger study builds on that,
and is a big enough piece of research to provide us with some quite sophisticated messages.”

Parallel to that, the U.K. group began exploring what it would take to become a network partner, and last year entered into a partnership agreement. “We’ve now recruited three MST consultants to do the training and consultation for the majority of our teams,” says James.

MST Birmingham
The MST Birmingham team in the UK having fun with the MST acronym.


“Being a network partner builds on our capacity; in theory, we speak the same language as Americans, but in terms of training, etc., there are differences in our systems and in our languages,” she notes. “Being a network partner gives stronger credibility to our program by proving it works well within our system. The support from across government in the U.K., especially from colleague Helen Jones at the Department for Education, from MST Services and other network partners in developing the partnership has been impressive," she says.

“We worked hard to accomplish the research trial and achieve network partnership status,” says James. Next stop: “Hosting the conference in 2014 is an important step in the European collaboration of taking MST forward.”

 MST Team Member Spotlight: Toni Franklin – MST Services’ Operations Clerk

franklin1. Briefly describe your role with MST and how you originally became involved with the organization?

My position with MST Services involves assisting with any project/task that the operations office needs to accomplish. I enjoy the fact that the work varies from day to day. I became involved with MST while searching for full-time employment after my last position with a nonprofit lost its funding. I feel very fortunate to have landed at MST Services.

2. Briefly describe a gratifying or inspiring moment you have had thus far while working with MST Services?

It has been awesome to work at MST and see first-hand the dedication for helping troubled youth and their families overcome obstacles. This inspires me to do the best work that I can for the MST office.

3. What are your passions or interests outside of working with MST Services?

Gardening, bird-watching, animals, and the performing arts are some of my hobbies.

 Fourth Quarter 2012 - Whatever It Takes Award Winners

Each quarter, we pause to recognize individuals, families and teams who have demonstrated creative, out-of-the-box thinking, persistence and dedication to doing "whatever it takes" to accomplish positive outcomes for youth and their families undergoing multisystemic therapy.

Nominee Name Organization State
Colette Beatson MST Barnsley UK
Dawn Hanson River Oak Center for Children CA
Geena Jacobsson MST Sweden Sweden
Gyvonya Simmons Dept. of Juvenile Justice NC
Jenny Taylor The Extern Organisation N. Ireland
Lisa Simpson Institute for Child and Family Health FL
Lori Moore MST Services PA
Mark Foster Catholic Charities NY
Marshall Swenson MST Services SC
Martin Robinson MST Barnsely Team UK
Melina Napoli Evidence-Based Services NY
NAFI CT Hartford MST Team North American Family Institute CT
Nichole Berwick Bell Catholic Charities NY
Paul Churchill MST Peterborough UK
Sandra Brown Dept. of Juvenile Justice NC
Stephanie Cowburn Bacon Light Behavioral Health System PA
Tom Jefford Cambridgeshire County Council UK

Fourth Quarter 2012 – New MST Teams

We would also like to welcome the following new MST teams to the MST community.

Organization Team Name Location MST Type
Leicester City Council Leicester 1 UK MST
Coventry MST Coventry 1 UK MST
Action for Children MST Derby City UK MST
Traverse Overyssel MST Team Overyssel Netherlands MST
Stichting Oosterpoort OSS 2 Netherlands MST
TeamBuilders Counseling Services, Inc. Team Alamogondo NM MST
Extern Organization MST South Eastern Area N. Ireland MST
Extern Organization MST Belfast Team N. Ireland MST
Pathways to Life, Inc. Johnston County NC MST
The Buckeye Ranch Buckeye 3 OH MST
Yorneo Yorneo Oost Netherlands MST
Yorneo Yorneo West Netherlands MST
Johari Family Services Johari 2 NC  
Easter Seals UCP NC Greenville Team NC  

News Briefs from Family Services Research Center at MUSC

"The Adaptation of Multisystemic Therapy as an Intervention for Severe Medical Adherence Problems"

In a recent Network Partner call, Dr. Deborah A. Ellis presented on a 2012 article titled, "Multisystemic therapy compared to telephone support for youth with poorly controlled diabetes: Findings from a randomized controlled trial" from Annals of Behavioral Medicine. To view Ellis' recent presentation, click here.

New Publications
The following MST-related published articles are available:

416 Ogden, T., Bjornebekk, G., Kjobli, J., Patras, J., Christiansen, T., Taraldsen, K., & Tollefsen, N. (2012). Measurement of implementation components ten years after a nationwide introduction of empirically supported programs – a pilot study. Implementation Science, 7:49.

417 Olsson, T. M. (2009). Intervening in youth problem behavior in Sweden: a pragmatic cost analysis of MST from a randomized trial with conduct disordered youth. International Journal of Social Welfare, 19, 194-205.

418 Olsson, T. M. (2010). MST with conduct disordered youth in Sweden: Costs and benefits after 2 years. Research on Social Work Practice, 20(6), 561-571.

419 Boxer, P. (2011). Negative peer involvement in multisystemic therapy for the treatment of youth problem behavior: Exploring outcome and process variables in “real-world” practice. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, 40(6), 848-854.

420 Boonstra, C., Jonkman, C., Soeteman, D., & van Busschbach, J. (2009). Multi-systemic therapy for seriously antisocial and delinquent juveniles: two-year follow-up study. Systemic Therapy, 21, 94-104.

421 Cunningham, P. B., Foster, S. L. & Warner, S. E. (2010). Culturally relevant family-based treatment for adolescent delinquency and substance abuse: Understanding within-session processes. Journal of Clinical Psychology: In Session, 66(8) 830-846.

All MST-related publications can be located at the Family Services Research Center's website.

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