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Review Defintions of Discontinued - Rescinded Licenses

MST Teams that have had their licenses discontinued or rescinded remain on the list below for 180 days.

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Organization Team_Name Location License_Status Treatment_Type
{Organization} {Team_Name} {Location} {License_Status} {Treatment_Type}
Organization Team Name Location License Status Treatment Type
The Counseling Center Team Families Together MST Team OH Discontinued MST
Extern Belfast 1 N. Ireland Discontinued MST
Places for People St. Louis 2 MO Discontinued MST
Family Services of NW PA FS Crawford County PA Discontinued MST
Options for Independence Options 2 LA Discontinued MST
Guidance Center of Lea County New Mexico Judicial District- 5 NM Discontinued MST
Presbyterian Medical Services SFCGC 1 NM Discontinued MST
Presbyterian Medical Services SFCGC 4 NM Discontinued MST
Johari Family Services, LLC Johari 2 NC Discontinued MST
Easter Seals UCP North Carolina and Virginia Inc. Easter Seals UCP MST Wake County Team 1 NC Discontinued MST