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Network Partners

To meet the growing demand for MST, organizations with a strong record of starting and implementing MST programs collaborated with MST Services to become Network Partners.

These locally controlled groups are committed to making sure that the MST treatment model is followed with integrity and without variation so that the best outcomes can be realized. They also play an important role in shaping research on treatment effectiveness, transportability and dissemination. MST Network Partner organizations employ staffs that are fully trained in program development. MST Services maintains an ongoing working relationship with each partner that focuses on staff development, quality improvement and quality assurance.

Today, licensed MST Network Partners are:


Adelphoi Village Inc.

Adelphoi Village is a private, not-for-profit agency that provides help for 800 youths and their families throughout Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia and Maryland. MST is part of its comprehensive, community-based services.

Email:Beth Kuhns
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(Latrobe, PA)



advanced behavioral health

Advanced Behavioral Health Inc. (ABH)

ABH manages mental-health and substance-abuse services in the state of Connecticut. It provides customized technology so that programs perform efficiently. And it participates in and distributes research representing “best practices” in the field, which includes MST.

Email: Mike Williams
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(Middletown, CT)



catholic charities

Catholic Charities of Buffalo, New York

Catholic Charities of Buffalo is a comprehensive human-services provider in Western New York. It offers counseling services for all ages, basic emergency assistance and referrals, child and adult mental-health services, chemical-dependency treatment, educational and vocational services.

Email: Marie Andersen-Strait
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(Buffalo, NY)



The Center for Effective Interventions (CEI)

Part of the Human Services Department at Metropolitan State College of Denver, CEI helps communities and agencies select practice models that will create sustainable change for youths and families. Part of its mission is to expand the use of MST throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and Oklahoma.

Email:Suzanne Kerns
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(Denver, CO)




Center for Innovative Practices (CIP)

CIP was created to get more evidence-based practices, especially MST, used in mental-health systems. CIP developed a network of MST teams across Ohio, which consistently achieves fidelity and significant outcomes.

Email: Rick Shepler
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(Kent, OH)



childrens village

The Children's Village

Since 1851, the mission of The Children's Village has been to work with families so that society’s most vulnerable children can become educationally proficient, economically productive and socially responsible members of their communities. It uses MST to keep troubled teenagers at home by providing intensive support to families.

Email: Daphne Torres-Douglas
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(Dobbs Ferry, NY)



community solutions

Community Solutions Inc.

Community Solutions Inc. is a nonprofit organization that promotes self-reliance, responsibility and accountability for at-risk and disadvantaged youths and adults. Their portfolio of services, which includes MST, works with hundreds of young people and adults referred through contracts with all branches of the state and federal juvenile and adult criminal-justice systems, as well as social-service agencies.

Email: Sherry Albert
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(Windsor, CT)



mst netherlands


Since 2005, MST-the Netherlands has been offering MST for the treatment of Dutch adolescents exhibiting violent and criminal behavior. The MST program has been recognized by the FGZP (Federation of Gezondheidspsychologen), the NVRG (Dutch Association for Relational and Family Therapy) and the VGCT (Association of Behavioural Therapy and Cognitive Therapy).

Email: Miranda van der Linde
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(The Netherlands)



logo EBS

Evidence Based Services Inc.

Evidence Based Services' mission is to disseminate evidence-based treatments, such as MST-CM  (MST-Contingency Management), for adolescent substance abusers and Multisystemic-Health Care for youth with chronic health problems (e.g., diabetes, obesity and asthma).

Email:Jeff Randall
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(Charleston, SC)




Kinark Child and Family Services

Kinark Child and Family Services provides intensive treatment and support to young people with serious mental-health issues who get in trouble with the law. Kinark runs intensive programs, such as MST, that treat the youth at home and in the community.

Email:Cathy Paul
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(Ontario, Canada)



hawaii 2

Hawaii Department of Health

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division
With its goal to protect and improve the health and environment for all people in Hawaii, the Hawaii Department of Health employs MST as a way to turn adolescents from violent and criminal behavior. Quality assurance, training, and support for the state's MST teams are provided via a public-private Network Partnership with Parents and Children Together.

Email: Dr. Marie Vorsino
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jefferson parish

Jefferson Parish Human Services Agency

The mission of the Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority is to reduce the incidence of mental illness and the crippling effects of substance abuse and developmental disabilities. To achieve that goal, it uses MST.

Email: Christine Bonura
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(Metairie, LA)



learning resources

Liberty Resources Inc.

Liberty Resources, a diversified human-service agency, assists youths and families improve their quality of life by providing residential and nonresidential, such as MST, services tailored to meet their particular needs.

Email: Kortney Dale
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(Syracuse, NY)



life without barriers

Life Without Barriers Australia

In October 2009, Life Without Barriers was granted a license by MST Services to provide quality assurance and training to agencies (both government and nongovernment) in Australia and New Zealand offering MST.

Email: Mary McKinnon
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(NSW, Australia)




Mid-Plains Center for Behavioral Healthcare Services Inc.

Mid-Plains Center is a comprehensive health-care agency that networks with community partners to provide mental-health services. It offers MST for families with delinquent/acting-out adolescents who are at risk for being removed from the home.

Email:Drew Schreiber
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(Grand Island, NE)



mst associates

MST Associates

MST Associates has taken the lead in consulting and training organizations providing Multisystemic Therapy for Youth with Problem Sexual Behaviors (MST-PSB), which treats chronic and violent juvenile offenders who engage in criminal sexual behavior and their families.

Email:Richard Munschy
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(Columbia, MO)



mst Denmark

MST Denmark- Center for Innovation and Method Development

MST was started in Denmark in 2003, originally as a 3-year project, funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs. MST was the first evidence-based program in Denmark. MST Denmark is now hosted by the Center for Innovation and Method Development in Aarhus.

Email: Randi Nørup
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(Aarhus, Denmark)




MST-UK is committed to making sure that the Multisystemic Therapy (MST) model is followed with integrity so that the best outcomes can be realized throughout the UK. The national team is staffed by personnel from the Department of Health, the Institute of Psychiatry and the South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLAM).

Email:Cathy James
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(United Kingdom)





Norwegian Centre for the Studies of Conduct Problems and Innovative Practice

The center is organized as part of Unirand, owned by the University of Oslo whose aim is to strengthen the knowledge and raise the competence in work with behavioral problems among children. The center shall also stimulate interdisciplinary research on this subject and strengthn the connection between research and practice.

Email: Bernadette Christensen
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(Oslo, Norway)



gw medicine

The Division of Public Behavioral Health and Justice Policy (PBHJP) University of Washington

PBHJP furnishes high-quality, individualized training and support to organizations seeking to deliver: 1) home-based intensive preventative services using the MST model and 2) Transitional services from residential care back to the community via MST-FIT.

Email: Joshua Leblang
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(Seattle, WA)






MST-Sverige (MST Sweden)

Stockholm’s Social Services Department is host to MST-Sverige and several other evidence-based treatment programs geared toward helping families, youth and children. MST-Sweden became a Network Partner in October 2007 and provides quality-assurance services to teams situated all over the country of Sweden."

Email:Emma Ulfsdotter
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(Stockholm, Sweden)



III logo image

The Institute for Innovation & Implementation at the University of Maryland School of Social Work

The Institute for Innovation & Implementation at the University of Maryland School of Social Work was established in 2005 to support efforts to improve child and family outcomes. The Institute for Innovation & Implementation now provides training and technical assistance in multiple communities throughout the country. Their mission is to ensure that public and academic institutions, providers, and advocates work together efficiently and effectively to support children, youth, and their families.

Email:Jennifer Lowther
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(Baltimore, MD)





 youth villages network

Youth Villages

Youth Villages is committed to helping troubled children and their families find success through a wide-ranging array of programs and services, which includes MST. In 1994, with the development of the Youth Villages Intensive In-Home Services Program, the organization became one of the first in the United States to use MST outside of the clinical trials.

Email: Greg Winterburn
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(Memphis, TN)



  mst chile


Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is part of a national security plan (Security for All) that contains a range of programs that aim, among other things, to reduce crime and increase perception of safety among all citizens. In this context, MST is the treatment given to youth with the highest risk of reoffend and part of a case management system named the 24 Hour Program.

Email: Fabiano Castro
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(Santiago, Chile)