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Advanced Supervisor Training

The advanced supervisor workshop is designed for MST clinical supervisors from licensed MST programs who have been in the MST supervisor position for six (6) months or more.  MST supervisors can attend the workshop every year if they desire. The workshop is also open to MST program managers from licensed MST programs, as relevant.

Each training, a different topic is addressed, within one or more of the following three areas of responsibility for supervisors: group supervision, clinician development, and Program CQI Management (which includes community collaboration, personnel issues, Quality Assurance, and Continuous Quality Improvement). Typically, the workshop topics will rotate between these three areas of responsibility over the years, and typically, each agenda addresses new areas so that previous trainings are not repeated.

Workshop objectives include:

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Effectively use the Analytic Process to achieve a sharp focus on top clinical concerns within group supervision prep
  • Effectively use the Analytic Process to maintain a sharp focus during group supervision, including when therapists present new information and when therapists engage in excessive narrative
  • Effectively incorporate multiple data points into clinician development, including as captured in written Clinician Development Plans

Advance Preparation:

  • Current Supervision Development Plan
  • Group supervision recording cued to one case staffing in which the supervisor struggled with: incorporating new information; interrupting a therapist who is story telling, and/or losing track of the Analytic Process
  • Weekly case summary for the case being reviews in the recording, including prep notes from supervisor and notes from consultation (if applicable)
  • Current Clinician Development Plan for one therapist on the team
  • Please bring with you a laptop or tablet with ability to connect to Wi-Fi


To register for a training, please click on the link on the right side of this page for the dates/location you wish to attend. For questions, please click on the Contact person listed under each training.



For a list of available Advanced Supervisor Training locations/dates and to register, please